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Russian Scientific Society of Interventional Cardioangiology


The last 20 years have been marked by serious advances in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases due to the introduction of the methods of invasive cardiology and angiology. At present

percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty and coronary stenting are considered as the leading methods in the treatment of coronary heart disease. Every year about 2 mln. procedures are performed all around the world. Endovascular methods became an alternative to the open-heart surgery.


In order to coordinate and unite the efforts of specialists working in this field of medicine in 1993, on the initiative of Professor D.G. Iosseliani, a section of interventional cardioangiologists has been created at the Moscow Society of  Cardiology named after A.L. Myasnikov.


The next step in the development of activity in this direction, undertaken on April 20, 1998 by the staff of Moscow City Center of Interventional Cardioangiology, consisted in the registration of an independent regional public organization-Scientific Society of Interventional Cardioangiologists. This organization became the right successor of the organizational and scientific activities of the section. The Society was created in conformity with the Constitution of the RF and Federal Laws on Public associations and on Science and State scientific politics.


Later on, in connection with the broadening of  the geography  of interests and activities of the regional society it has been transformed into an All-Russian public organization “Russian Scientific Society of Interventional Cardioangiologists – RSICA” (registered on August 18, 2000).


Since then the RSICA conducted 3 international congresses and 7 national meetings.

From January 2003 the Society issues The International Journal of Interventional Cardioangiology-Russian-English periodical.


Doctors of all specialities, scientists and members of industry  welcome!

Russian Scientific Society of Interventional Cardioangiologists is open for cooperation.

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